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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of clothing and shoes should I wear?
Comfortable clothing should be worn. Riders are required to wear long pants, shorts should not be worn. Hard-soled shoes or riding boots should be worn - sneakers are not allowed.

What is taught in the beginner class? Will we get to ride?
Beginner riders in their very first lesson will learn to tack up; learn how to work around a horse and learn how to clean the horse. After that completion, beginner riders will learn to control a walk, trot, and canter.

What do the following terms mean? Leads, trot, lope & canter
Leads: Term used to indicate the horse's leading leg in canter i.e. "right lead canter" or "left lead canter".

Trot: A horse’s gait in which the legs are lifted alternating diagonal pairs.

Lope: A long, easy swinging stride. It's an easy canter.

Canter: A smooth easy pace like a moderate gallop. Three beated gait of the horse in which one hind leg strides first (the leading leg), followed by the opposite diagonal pair and finally the opposite foreleg. Called the lope in Western Riding

Does TRIPLE S EQUINES provide helmets and saddles? Can we bring our own?
Yes, we have helmets and the tack necessary to ride, but, we would like you to have your own helmet. What we have at the farm may not fit every rider correctly which may prevent injury. If you have your own saddle you can bring that as well.

Can two riders sign up for the same time and split the lesson?
No, the same rider is to show each week for their own time slot.

Are classes canceled due to poor weather and how do we find out about cancellations?
Classes are not canceled due to poor weather because TRIPLE S EQUINES holds lessons in there 60X110 indoor Arena, but if in doubt call 937-728-8945 for information.

Do riders receive a refund if they miss a class due to illness or a schedule conflict? Can they make up the lesson missed?
No refund is given to riders who miss a lesson, but there may be opportunities available when a rider could make up a lesson in their current session. The riding instructor would make this decision.

If the lessons are only one hour, how much of that hour will riders actually ride?

Riders will ride for one hour. I do not count tacking and untacking of the horse.

Where is TRIPLE S EQUINE farm located?
About a mile down on Ireland rd. off south134, near DHL.

Are the lessons considered private? Or are they semi- private?
They are semi-private and there may be other riders in each lesson.


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