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riding lessons:



RIDING LESSONS : $35 per hr

Participants must be age 4 and up

All levels- beginners- intermediates-advanced

60 X 110 lighted indoor arena 100 X 160 out door arena

Helmets are required.


My goal is to teach the students that they are not just a passenger in the saddle, but they are actually training the horse to either respond to them or ignore them every second they are interacting with them



As an instructor I will be teaching basic safety skills. Halter and lead your horse, tack/untack, grooming your horse. They will learn how to work around a horse, before he/she will mount. These are very important skills they will need to become a good rider. I understand you as parents are paying good money for your child to learn riding lessons. This also means Safety, managing, maintaining and use of the horse and equipment. I do not want parents to be confused when they do not see their child on the back of a horse the first couple of lessons. I want this to be a memorable and safe experience for you, your child and the horse..


A horse is provided for each student. Students must have completed the prior level or show equivalent skills, to advance to the next level.

Beginner Level in their very first lesson they will learn to halter, lead and tack up; learn how to work around a horse and learn how to clean the horse, before he/she will mount.


LEVEL I: Includes ground work, arena work, Proper seat, basic reining, control and handling of the horse,


LEVEL II: Is a continuation of Level I, including more advanced techniques and movement with the horse.


LEVEL III: Beginning trotting, emphasis on proper seat, control and handling of the horse.


LEVEL IV: Is a continuation of Level III, plus more advanced techniques, improved balance, and movement with the horse at a trot.


LEVEL V: Bareback riding at a walk and trot. Emphasis on balance and movement with horse.


LEVEL VI: Beginning level cantering. Emphasis on proper seat, control and handling of the horse.


LEVEL VII: Continuation of Level VI, advanced cantering techniques.


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